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Big Ben Bilingual British-Polish Preschool

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Welcome to Big Ben Founder's Message

My name is James, the lead English teacher and founder of Big Ben British-Polish Bilingual Preschool. With over a decade of experience as an early years, TOEFL-certified preschool English teacher, I have worked in diverse countries and environments. My expertise encompasses a variety of educational methodologies, including the Montessori Method, the Reggio Emilia Approach, experiential learning, and nature-based education in forest school settings. Throughout my teaching journey, I have encountered numerous students with excellent English skills who face challenges in overcoming mental blocks and nervousness in speaking. Together with a dedicated team of educators, my focus is on nurturing children's ability to express themselves freely and confidently, helping them overcome any speaking anxieties. We strive to create a welcoming and secure learning atmosphere where every child feels safe and encouraged.


As a parent of a trilingual child, I understand the challenges that children face in a foreign language environment. This personal insight inspired me to develop my unique teaching methodology, designed to help children overcome their anxiety about speaking and to communicate effortlessly. Under our guidance, a child with no prior knowledge of English can achieve a level of proficiency akin to that of a native speaker by the time they graduate.

Big Ben British-Polish Bilingual  Preschool

Natural bilingualism in a family environment is the gateway to a world full of unlimited possibilities

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At Big Ben British-Polish Preschool, our mission is to foster a safe, welcoming international environment that caters to both international and Polish children. We aim to integrate them into a diverse and exciting world, with Poland as their foundational base.


Our preschool & nursery offers a developmentally appropriate curriculum designed to encourage social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth, alongside bilingual development and a positive self-image. We are committed to providing consistent, high-quality bilingual education led by native speakers, ensuring a love of learning in a globally inclusive setting.


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My name is Katarzyna, I am the director at Big Ben and a certified English teacher, holding a Master's degree and a CELTA certification. My goal has always been to establish a bright and joyful bilingual-speaking environment where not only children but also their parents can feel completely understood and comfortable. In this supportive setting, both my teaching team and the administrative staff are fluent in English, which facilitates clear and effective communication. I am always available to assist and support families, nurturing a community where everyone can grow in their language-learning journey. My focus is on creating a warm, inclusive atmosphere that fosters active participation and mutual understanding among all members of our learning community. 

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