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Fruits and Vegetables

Our Meals

All of the meals provided by our premium catering service are made with unprocessed ingredients under the supervision and guidance of pediatrics and dietitians.  

At Big Ben we ensure every diet is catered to vegetarian, vegan, pescetarian gluten-free, no pork, etc please contact us for any specific dietary requirements.

Alongside our fantastic catering, we also provide cooking workshops for our students so they understand what they are eating and they are able to experiment in the kitchen in a safe structured environment. This promotes lifelong healthy eating habits. 

See below for an example menu.

Weekly Menu Example

  • Daily meal costs 18zl special diet costs an additional 1zl. 

  • Meals can be canceled via the preschool app before 7:00 AM



  • Breakfast - Corn flakes in milk with dried fruits

  • Morning snack - apple slices 

  • Lunch  - chicken pieces in honey mustard sauce with Masurian groats served with carrot salad and white radish; Cream of roasted pepper and zucchini with puff pastry croutons and kompot.

  • Afternoon snack - Whole bean bread with plum jam 




  • Breakfast -  sandwich with white bean, cheese, salmon paste with dill served with lemon tea

  • Morning snack - sliced banana and coco 

  • Lunch - tomato-pepper cream soup with millet groats; Colorful chicken meatballs in dill sauce and kompot

  • Afternoon snack - organic yogurt with fruit granola




  • Breakfast - buckwheat in milk with raisins and coconut flakes 

  • Morning snack- baby sweet carrot 

  • Lunch - Chicken with brown rice; Red lentil soup with puff pastry croutons

  • Afternoon snack - homemade vanilla muffins with lemon tea 




  • Breakfast - wheat and rye sandwich with egg paste and radish, plus forest fruit tea 

  • Morning snack- sliced oranges 

  • Lunch - red lentil soup with puff pastry; Risotto with chicken and vegetables

  • Afternoon snack - homemade apple cookies 




  • Breakfast - semolina porridge with strawberry mousse

  • Morning snack - baked apple 

  • Lunch - baked fish with vegetables; Spinach with pouring dough

  • Afternoon snack - pancakes with cheese and cherry


  • Breakfast - wheat and rye green pepper salami cheese sandwich and  raspberry tea

  • Lunch -  red borscht with marjoram and egg; Turkey noodles in broccoli sauce with vegetables

  • Snack - banana and homemade cookies 

*This is an example weekly menu, which changes each week. 

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