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Fruits and Vegetables

Our Meals & Diets 

We offer a wide range of meals that emphasize healthy nutrition, exclusively preparing options without sugar.

  • Standard meals 20.50 daily 

  • No pork meals 22,50 daily 

  • Indian meals 22,50 daily 

  • Vegan / Vegetarian 22,50 daily 

  • Birthday Cakes average 60 PLN  


*Per your request we can exclude some ingredients. 

**We do not give candies at the preschool therefore by parents it was agreed that our catering delivers healthy - tasty birthday cakes. 


Catering is arranged each morning at 7 am based on the children's attendance, as indicated by parents through the Live Kid app. Payment is required only for the days of attendance. Unmarked attendance leads to extra costs of catering. 

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