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Kids with Capes

Our Mission

Big Ben British-Polish Preschool provides a safe, nurturing environment. We offer a developmentally appropriate curriculum that promotes social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and bilingual growth, as well as a positive self-image and a love of learning. We provide a consistent high-quality bilingual education led by native speakers. 

Why Us?

Real English


At Big Ben, we strive to be the very best. We are the only preschool in Krakow founded by a native English teacher which offers daily consistent English lessons with qualified, experienced, and verified native-speaker teachers. 

Not Just a Language

Being bilingual has more benefits than just speaking another language. Multiple academic research papers suggest being bilingual from a young age increases a child's lifelong cognitive abilities, concentration on simultaneous tasks, tendency to be more creative, and much more.

Meeting British & Polish Standards

At Big Ben we implement elements from both the British and Polish national curriculums. Most importantly we strive to meet the standards of both nations. Meeting the stringent requirements of both is a challenge that we readily accept. By utilizing both sets of standards and curriculums we are able to provide a robust, safe educational upbringing for our students.

British Standards: OFSTED 

British National Curriculum: Early Years Foundation Stage 

Polish Curriculum:

Polska podstawa programowa wychowania przedszkolnego;

Polski Program Nauczania na rok szkolny 2021/2022 - Odkryj Moc Przedszkolaka! Wyd. MACEdukacja

Statute avaliable in Polish: Statut



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