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Kids Playing Tug of War

Big Ben British-Polish Preschool is closed for two weeks a year for 2024 the closure dates will be: 15.07.2024 - 26.07.24 

Children who do not attend Big Ben Preschool during the school year may enroll temporarily to our school during the summer period.

  • English lessons all day every day by native English speakers!

  • Large sensory garden to relax and play! 

  • Daily activities by our top-of-the-range Polish teachers!

  • and more! 

Two weeks or one-month options are available. 


Two weeks: 1000zl

One month*: 1800zl

Daily Meals 20.50zl four meals a day

*Parents who wish to enroll their children full-time in Big Ben after the summer holiday period of one month shall have the entry fee waived. 

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